Does your girlfriend have narcissistic personality disorder?

Maybe you have a girlfriend or are searching for one at the moment, it can hard enough getting to know someone never mind figuring out if they have a personality disorder or skeletons in the closet. Whatever you do, donโ€™t fall for a fake narcissist girlfriend it will save you a lot of bother and heartache. So below are some red flags to look out for.


๐ŸšงRed flagsย ๐Ÿšง

In her past relationships, at work or romantic she is always doing all the work, the only one putting in an effort, she is holding the company together or the relationship. She can go on and on about how she worked long hours while someone else came in late. Past relationship failures are never her fault. She always shifts blame.

A major red flag is that it will always be about her, her plans, her issues. It will be a one sided relationship where you serve her needs while yours get discarded. If you try and confront her she will always have an excuse. Healthy relationships work when two people respect each other and fill each others needs of course sometimes girlfriends will be selfish and turn on you but narcissist girlfriends will be like this 24 /7. The will be very selfish, boasting about achievements even tiny small ones. The world revolves around her!ย  ๐ŸŒŽ

She has total absence of anxiety, fear, and worry where there otherwise should be. Her emotions donโ€™t add up, she reacts in a non empathetic way when you open up about an issue or something thatโ€™s upsetting you. She will never comfort you and if she does it will feel fake and forced. She will only pretend to be emotional if there is something in it for her.

You may have issues or a problem you want to discuss with her but she will not listen until she has finished what she wants to do, her plans always come first. If you have an issue with her behaviour and you pull her up, she will say your over sensitive or turn it around into being all your fault. Narcissist girlfriends will never talk things through, they never accept that they make mistakes.

If you tell her that you love her and deeply care for her she will use this to her advantage. She will use you got money and gifts. You will worship her instead of having a normal give and take relationship. Normal relationships have balance and itโ€™s not just one person benefiting. Narcissist girlfriends want all the benefits, she will make you feel insecure and hurt your feelings again and again.

Very suddenly becomes disinterested in you and becomes annoyed at you first wanting to continue the relationship that they created, almost like a personality change.
Gives you the silent treatment out of the blue like they have just forgotten you with no reasonable explanation. Often this is called the โ€œdiscardโ€ phase.

They have extremely high expectations for fidelity, respect, and adoration. After the idealization phase, they will give none of this back to you. They will cheat, lie, insult, and degrade. But you are expected to remain perfect.

They have different personas for different people -transforming their personality to match various audiences. When they slip and accidentally use the wrong mask for you. You will start to feel that nothing they say or do really adds up ! It can be very scary but donโ€™t worry itโ€™s better to get out the fake relationship early than continue and be miserable.

Ex-partners will likely be labeled jealous, bipolar, or some other nasty smear. They will speak about you the same way to their next partner.

*Narcissistic personality disorder is a real disorder and is something to be taken seriously, lack of empathy in relationships can lead to very bad problems. Itโ€™s healthy to argue and disagree with your girlfriend. If you think your girlfriend may have a personality disorder read up on it and then decide how to move forward ๐Ÿ˜‰


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