Missing People👤

Welcome to the missing people page on my blog where images and information on missing children and adults are displayed in the hope that someone will recognise  them or have info that may help.

So many people go missing each year in the UK and abroad, the actual numbers may shock you!  Some are runaways, suicides , murders or abductions. It could happen to anyone. It could be your brother or mother next.

So if you are a blog owner please create a page like this and display missing people to show the audience that visits your website, you never know who they know.

If you suspect you know anybodys whereabouts on this page please contact the official investigation lines, such as police and the families Facebook page.

Sandy Davidson


On 23 April 1976, Sandy Davidson was in his garden with his little sister Donna playing with their dog. They were being looked after by their grandparents, who had gone inside the house at the time. The gate flew open and their dog ran out. Sandy ran out trying to catch him. His sister Donna says that all she can remember was Sandy motioning for her to go too but she refused and went into the house to tell their grandparents.

Work ground to a halt on the new building estate nearby to search for Sandy but nobody has seen him since.

The most believed scenario is that there was a man delivering leaflets around the time of Sandy’s disappearance and that he could have opened the gate and taken Sandy. Sandy’s mother Margaret and father Phillip believe that it was a lonely man wanting a son.

Another theory is that he ran down to the river five minutes away and followed the dog in, and subsequently drowned.

Lisa Irwin


Lisa irwin went missing from her home in kansas while her mother slept. Her father returned home from work to discover the front door opened, he immediately checked on his partner and baby. Baby lisa was not in her crib! A window was open and a few lights were on. Lists mother says she put lisa to bed and everyone was closed locked and lights off. There were also items stolen such as cellphones.

Initially the police believed lisas mother had done something to her baby or family members were involved in her disappearance somehow. Lisas parents had a charge on there stolen credit card for a fake birth certificate on the Dark Web which they claim they did not place. Lisas parents claim they have nothing to do with their missing daughters disappearance and believe in Thierry heart she is alive. A few people reported seeing a man on the day lisa went missing carrying a baby and other leads. Lisas parents do not like they way the case has been handled with many missed opportunities for investigation.

Charlene Downes


Charlene Downes (born c. 1989) disappeared on 1 November 2003, when she was 14, from her home town of Blackpool, a seaside town in north-west England. She was last seen in an area of the town centre that contained several takeaway and fast-food units. Lancashire Constabulary, the police force investigating her disappearance, believe that she was murdered within hours of the last sighting.[2]

The trials brought to light what Julie Bindeldescribed in The Guardian as “endemic child sexual abuse and prostitution” in the town.[4] The police believe that, for a protracted period before her disappearance, Downes had been the victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of one or more men.[4][5] They interviewed 3,000 people and found that she and other girls in the area had been “swapping sex for food, cigarettes and affection”,[4] a form of child sexual exploitation known as localised grooming. It is thought that 60 local girls may have been targeted.[6]Two men were tried in May 2007—one for Downes’ murder, the other for helping to dispose of her body—but the jury failed to reach a verdict. A re-trial was scheduled, but in April 2008 the accused were released because of concerns about the evidence compiled by Lancashire Constabulary.[3]

On 1 August 2017, a 51-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murdering Downes and was released two days later. A £100,000 reward remains on offer for information leading to the conviction of her killer(s) or the recovery of her body.

Charlene Downes is presumed dead although there is no evidence that she is dead.




If you believe you are a missing person or are illegally adopted  :

Do not be scared, take a breath and think things through. Does your parents have baby images of you ? Do you have information on where your parents supposedly adopted you ? Does it not add up !

Nowadays with technology there are easy ways of finding out about your true origins, such as dna kits!  You can easily take one these behind your families back and not inform them of you doing so. Many of these companies take a few weeks to give you your results and they also give you an online profile to link you to distant cousins. Some people discover that they have sisters they didn’t know about or a heritage from an country they never visited.

Five of the most popular DNA test kits out there: AncestryDNA23andMe, MyHeritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA