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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we might all be looking for ways to show our mums how much they mean to us. Whether that’s by taking them for Sunday brunch, buying them some lovely flowers and a card, or splashing out on a gift. There are loads of options for spoiling your mum and show her how grateful you are for those years of lost sleep and unconditional love. While smashed avo on toast and bouquets are a lovely sentiment, why not change it up this Mother’s Day by treating your mum to a little pampering instead.


The power of pampering
Many of us lead busy lives with lots of different commitments and responsibilities, which can often include looking after other people. But you shouldn’t always feel that you have to sacrifice your own needs in order to care for others. Taking time out for yourself helps you remember that your needs are as important as those of others. In fact, caregivers who look after themselves will feel happier and be less stressed, meaning that they can give better care to their loved ones. Whether it’s a weekly bath with a glass of wine, or regularly treating yourself to one of your favourite beauty treatments, there are plenty of ways to fit some pampering into your life.

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We all know the rejuvenating powers of a little bit of TLC. While regular self-care makes us feel great, fitting in time for a spot of pampering is actually a fantastic way to help manage everyday stress. When left unchecked, even low-level stress and tension can negatively affect your health. Stress can make you more prone to certain diseases and weaken your immune system. By actively reducing your stress levels, you can prevent everyday annoyances wreaking havoc to your body in the long term.

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More than any of us, mums are often in need of some unwinding and pampering. After all, parenthood is one the hardest, most underpaid jobs in the world that comes with no training or instruction manual. The fact you are here today wouldn’t be possible without your mother (thanks mum!). Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your mama in return for all that she has done for you, and maybe steal the spot as the favourite child at the same time. If you are looking for a thoughtful way to treat your mum, then booking her a professional beauty treatment may be the answer. Let everyone else buy their mothers flowers and wine, while you do something a little bit different to show your mum how much you love her.

And relax …

Nothing beats a soothing massage or facial to help your muscles relax (including the ones in your face). Whether it’s helping to unwind those tight muscles from carrying growing children here, there and everywhere, or helping to relieve persistent niggles like back tension. A massage can be a great way to let your mum unwind as she can sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered. A professional facial is a fantastic option too, as this can help your mum’s skin feel energised and hydrated.
Get dolled up

If you think a massage or a facial is not your mum’s thing, services like makeovers or hair styling are viable alternatives. Or a sleek new manicure for some Instagram-worthy nails would also go down really well. You could even book yourself a treatment at the same time as your mum. That way, you could both feel extra glamorous after a professional makeover, blow dry or nail treatment before heading out for a celebratory Mother’s Day drink (or two). Giving never felt so good!

Helping busy working mums is at the heart of what blow LTD, the beauty on-demand app, do. Their mobile beauty treatments let women fit in their beauty maintenance, regardless of how busy their schedules get, and their expert beauty pros can come to your home, ready to treat you and your mum to some much-needed TLC at a time that suits you. With combo treatments and group bookings available, you are bound to find a service that your mum (and you) will love.

If you think your mum deserves some beauty pampering this Mother’s Day, head over to blow LTD to find out more about our professional and affordable mobile beauty treatments.



How to reverse grey hair 👵🙇👌😯

Grey hair is just part of the aging process and nothing to be worried about as there many things we can do to prevent greying hair and even reverse grey hair before its too late.. if all else fails we have hair dye!  😂

If you found this post because you are upset about your greying hair please don’t be ! There are so many worker issues you could be dealing with. It’s not worth the worry 👍


Check out my other post on why we get grey hair here just incase it’s not genetic or stress induced, you may have an undiagnosed disorder!

Follow this advice below if you want to reverse our already greying hair or prevent grey hair from occurring.

Stop smoking !!

Eat iron rich foods, Spinach, kidney beans, potatoes, lentils, raisins.

Eat copoer rich foods ! Copper is needed for certain essential enzymes, including tyrosinase, which is crucial for the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your skin and hair its color. The 2012 study in “Biological Trace Element Research” also found a significant link between low copper levels and prematurely gray hair.

Three of the best supplements for grey reversing :

  • B-12
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) (from folic acid)
  • Copper

Your Hairdressing tools should take a bath twice a month, fine out why….

Your hairdressing tools such as clips, brushes, kirbies, combs etc should be washed twice a month. This will prevent bacteria and also increase the life of your brushes so you don’t have to go buy new ones all the time. Think about this.. you just washed your hair but your using a dirty comb or brush ? So get them cleaned 😉


First off you will need a large bowl which will serve as the “bath” Then you will need a towel to dry all your hair stuff with.

Try and pull off all the trapped hair with your hands first, use a toothpick or needle to get hairs that are wrapped around.

Add warm water to your large bowl and drop in some baby shampoo or any other mild shampoo you can find. Swirl your combs and brushes for 10 minutes in the water. Use a toothbrush to scrub at them them once finished scrubbing run under a hot tap till all the shampoo is off.

Lay out all your tools and brushes on a towel and leave to air dry, you can also speed it up a little by using a hairdryer, wrap your brushes and tools in the towel so they are covered and blast the hairdryer on it.

Wooden brushes sadly cannot be cleaned this way as the wood can get damaged! It’s best to use baby shampoo and the toothbrush to just gently clean the bristles and use a towel to wipe.  

For small combs a cotton bud does the trick, dip it into the bowl of shamood and warm water and just clean away !

Brushes that have cushioning below the handles should not be wet for long periods. Avoid soaking these brushes to disinfect them and stick to only giving them a mild rub down with a mild cleaner and water.

Happy cleaning 😁👍🛁