LoveHemp CBD oil spray – review

A few months back I noticed the loveHemp products in holland and barret and eventually decided on trying the orange flavoured CBD oil spray with coconut oil, now before this I just had normal unflavoured CBD oils, as I’m okay with the taste ( some people cant stand the taste) The orange flavour wasn’t really that powerful but it really did mask the original taste of pure cbd! Personally I would really love a strawberry flavour or candy ! The tube is very pretty, decorated with cannabis leaves and the product information, what I didn’t notice until later on was that it says at the bottom of the tube it contains MCT oil as well as organic coconut oil. I was a bit confused about what MCT actually is and had to do some googling, ahaha

The coconut oil blend attracted me as I was thinking along the lines of throat health because of COVID, coconut oilย has antimicrobial properties that help in fighting against bacteria, fungi, and several other seasonal viruses. Oil pulling, which involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth like mouthwash, may kill some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth.ย It is also great for your hair skin and nails, so this product is a win-win, I would recommend this product to people who are CBD oil beginners as its not as strong as some other products and also doesn’t have the strong traditional taste of CBD. For me this product helps me to be less anxious and more calm, at night it will help you to go to sleep but if you take a few drops in the daytime I feel it helped me concentrate while I was studying.

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