Pro Tips & Tricks to improve your instagram profile😜


How to disable active now 

Instagram now allows you to see when your friends are online via your DMs and also when they were last online, if you like your privacy you can disable this feature. All you need to is go to Profile -> Settings -> Activity Status and disable it. However, remember if you don’t want others to see your activity status and disable this option, you also won’t be able to see anyone else’s activity status.

Don’t buy fake followers 

There are so many ways to buy fake followers for your social media and instagram users do it all the time, even celebrities do it although they already have millions of followers. They want a larger following than competitors. Don’t fall into this trap, most fake followers that are bought are deactivated within weeks. Be who you are and let people follow you because they like you. A small loyal following is worth more than thousands who don’t even know you.

Don’t put up with abuse, stalking or sexual messages at all!

Do not for one second put up with rubbish like this, delete and block instantly. Do not give people like this the time of day. They are just attention seekers. You are worthy of healthy online friendships and shouldn’t let the few ruin it for the many.

See how many people have viewed your Story

Are you ever curious about who has watched your Stories? Did you know Instagram offers a simple way to view this info?

While in your Story, simply swipe up to reveal how many people have viewed your Story. You can see the profiles of exactly who viewed it.

Boost old posts to get more followers and likes 

Have some old posts that have stopped getting likes? simply go to edit and delete your current hash tags and info for the picture and then update that picture with a new description and new hash tags.  It will then be visible at the top of new hash tag searches and get more exposure.

See the Posts Your Friends Recently Liked or Commented On

To do that, click the heart icon at the bottom of the home screen — the first thing that should appear is a list of likes and comments on your photos. Choose the tab near the top that says “Following,” and you can see the activity of users you follow. You can see the recent likes and follows/comments.

This is often how girlfriends find out about their other half cheating they check this to see any comments on other girls pictures or too many suspicious likes on other girls pictures, guys are stupid  (don’t tell them this if they don’t know ) and if your a guy out there and your thinking “#$@#$” I’ll just be careful now. .. no ugh ugh, woman are like the cia and they already know everything. They probably know more about your new girl than you do… just saying.

Make use of all the available filters 

So many people don’t make use of all the filters instagram has to offer. To view the full list of filters go to filter while editing a picture and go along to the very end of your filters and you will see a square box that says manage that should take you to full list that you can reorder.



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